Voodoo Magic Slots

Real-Time Gaming is betting that there's nothing wrong with a bit of virtual voodoo every now and then. The result is Voodoo Magic, a brilliant five-reel game where the ancient arts of Voodoo Magic come alive on the game screen. Finally, we show up at the dark scene with thirteen pay lines with a monumental bonus round that puts it all together in the winning column.

Real-Time Gaming Explores The Dark Arts

When it comes to a Real-Time Gaming slot, you don't know what you're getting into, and it's a good thing because Real-Time Gaming continues distinguishing itself as the undisputed champion of modern-day five-reel slots. Voodoo Magic has all the vital elements that make Real-Time Gaming successful, such as exhilarating graphics, fluid gameplay, and lucrative bonus rounds. Welcome to Voodoo Magic.

Practice The Voodoo Arts

Voodoo Magic is a treasure trove of many exciting and rewards, but you don't have to rush in and place that stand-up bet. The first step is to play the practice play so you can get the feel of the game. All of the vital game features are available in practice play, but you can't win actual money for your efforts.

Voodoo Magic Delivers The Goods

From the moment you first log in to this game, the overpowering aura of the dark arts is available. The game design and the colors help to immerse you into this treacherous yet rewarding world. Every now and then, Voodoo Magic adds subtle ambient effects to further add to the mood. Yes, Voodoo Magic features plenty of bones and skulls to let you know that this game is totally for real.

The Game Design Helps You Out

Voodoo Magic rushes to the occasion by giving you all the fundamental tools you need to come out ahead. The robust pay line system makes it a cinch for you to get the best you want every time you set out on the reels. Voodoo Magic continues stepping up to the gaming plate with a dynamite coin button system. Don't worry. We will dive deeply into the coin button system further on in this article. Like most Real-Time Gaming Slots, Voodoo Magic doesn't leave you hanging with a fantastic dual option of placing manual bets, or you can rely on the stellar autoplay feature to handle these feats for you. The power of choice is in your hands.

Voodoo Magic Is A Joy To Behold On Several Layers

Voodoo Magic delivers the gaming boom with numerous ways of winning during regular gameplay, or you can take the dark arts to a brand new level by playing in the free spins round. It seems the only thing that Voodoo Magic doesn't have is a progressive jackpot to put everything over the top.

Cast A Spell With The Pay Lines

Now that you have some background about Voodoo Magic, the next step is rolling the bet. The first move is to declare the pay line system. This is where the pay line system comes into play. Voodoo Magic delivers thirteen pay lines to command. You can try to impress the Voodoo Queen by wagering on the entire thirteen pay lines, or you can moderate your spins by gambling on lesser pay lines.

Plenty Of Magic In The Cash Bet

Voodoo Magic takes the business of winning seriously. After declaring your pay line system, the next move is to determine your coin bet. Like the pay line system, Voodoo Magic gives you optimum flexibility with coin buttons. Voodoo Magic starts bets as lows as a penny, and it grows to high dollar values.

Devour The Paytable

Voodoo Magic opens up the gaming joy with a fantastic paytable. We begin with the stellar Voodoo Queen as the wild symbol. This intimidating priestess blesses winning combinations by doubling them, but if you manage to get five of her on the reels, the winning favor comes your way 2,000 credits. Her wicked Voodoo Doll is the scatter symbol and serves an essential function in the bonus round. The Voodoo male is a gruesome sight to behold, shelling out 1,250 credits while the mask steps up with 1,000 credits. The remaining game characters all encompass the dark Voodoo world. You can expect gruesome symbols like skulls, rattle snacks, jars, candles, and goblets.

Voodoo Magic Has The Bonus Rounds

Voodoo Magic rises to the moment with an excellent free spins round. Although Voodoo Magic doesn't have a progressive jackpot, you have to rack up the wins with the free spins round.

Experience The Potent Free Spins

Voodoo Magic plows forward with a customizable free spins round. The ticket here is through a trio of the Voodoo Doll. Voodoo Magic starts you off with 25 free spins with the chance of an increasing winning multiplier with each passing spin. While you are in the free spins round, the Voodoo Doll doesn't appear. Yes, you have the chance to earn more free spins.

The Power Of Voodoo Magic's Return To Player

Voodoo Magic follows in the proud tradition of other Real-Time Gaming slots by featuring an outstanding return to player that soars into the high ninety-percentile.

The Rating Is Through The Voodoo Roof

Voodoo Magic is still talked about throughout the internet circle. Many forums highlight Voodoo Magic.

Voodoo Magic Offers You A Chance To Win

Voodoo Magic comes with many in-house casino promotions while at the same time being open to no deposit bonus codes that allow you to further capitalize on the moment.

Have Fun With This Intriguing Game

Voodoo Magic is ready to bestow its treasures, but there is no rush to place a real bet. Voodoo Magic opens the doors with several opportunities to play practice play so you can sharpen your skills.

Real Money Awaits With This Priestess

Voodoo Magic is widely circulated at several Real-Time Gaming casinos. These same casinos have a plethora of banking options to get you over. Voodoo Magic allows you to use credit cards like Visa and MasterCard. Depending on the online casino, you might have the chance of having Bitcoin as a banking option.

This Queen Is Mobile Bound

Voodoo Magic is ready to go on home computers, and it works like a charm on mobile devices and laptops.