Vegas XL Slots

Gin and tonic go together like peanut butter and jelly. Even better than eggs and bacon. Gin and tonic are an all-time favorite, and it's served during an entire day at a bar or in a slot machine.

This is a classic theme that should not be overlooked, and it's also very nice if done well. Even though it may seem unimaginative to some, this is a good thing. RealTime Gaming's Vegas XL is certainly done well.

The game features a variety of cars and luxury items, such as expensive yachts and fast cars. Also, since it's in the U.S., everything is at least XL. Let's take a look at Vegas XL.

Theme & Design

The design of Vegas XL is excellent, and the loading screen immediately sets the mood for the game. RealTime Gaming has done a great job of injecting casino aesthetics into the game. Everything in the art style is designed to be very high class, and the animations are well-made.

The game's spit icons are designed to represent the playing cards. There are also various symbols that are easy to read and stand out from the crowd. The large and unusual multiplier symbols are also very enticing to look at. The UI is simple and easy to navigate.

The music is also very catchy, which is a good thing considering the current trend for online games.


The main feature of Vegas XL is its 5x3 system, which means that all the basic rules are followed. However, to make things even more exciting, the game introduces an exciting new feature called the "Oversized" symbols. These include the Vault, Jet, and Car. Landing three or more of these symbols on any of the reels will trigger a free spin feature, or a Jackpot Pick Bonus Feature.

According to the previous abstract, the best bet is to find all of the Oversized symbols and combinations on the reels. However, if you're a real money player and want to join the upper echelons of the casino, then playing Vegas XL for real money is a must.

The latest addition to the RTG's roster is Vegas XL, which is a 5-reel, 20-payline slot with a variety of features and high reward potential. It's also got a free practice mode that will test its suitability for players.